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Maestro Music Press is committed to being the composer's voice and introducing their music to the public.  


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Mass of Exultation for the New Roman Missal

Mass of Exultation
Glory to God       
Gloria for Christmas
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Music for Young Voices

 Prayer of Peace
 Angel of God   Will I Ever Know?
 Newborn King
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Lenten Musical Presentations

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace: The Passion

Told Through Spirituals

 by Michael Upward 

& Barbara Brennan

A one hour Lenten program with narration, new arrangements of American Spirituals, piano and solo violin accompaniment


SATB, soloists, piano & violin

Level: Moderate 

Special pricing packages available


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Soul of My Savior

Soul of My Savior: A Lenten

Musical Presentation

 by Michael Upward 

& Barbara Brennan


A one hour program with monologues and new arrangements of chants and traditional hymnody from the St. Gregory Hymnal

SATB, soloists, piano & handbells

Level: Moderate

Special pricing packages available


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Spirituals from Amazing Grace                                          Songs from Soul of My Savior

Prayer of Peace  Canticle

 Newborn King Jesu Dulcis
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Prayer of Peace Canticle
What a Sea of Tears and Sorrows Soul of My Savior
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Christian Youth Musical

Detention the Musical

Detention! The Musical

 by Michael Upward & Barbara Brennan


A New Christian Youth Musical

for treble or mixed voices. Ideal for Jr. High

and elementary combination or High School.

Welcome to Mt. Calliope Christian Academy, where a jock, a nerd, a loner and a fashion diva (with her entourage of beauty assistants) are all sent to after school detention. They are joined by a mysterious new student who, in the course of the afternoon, asks them special questions about their behavior. By the end, the students have learned about true generosity and charity. Friendship and Faith are taught as they encourage another to use their God-given talents to glorify God.

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Coming Soon by various composers

The Twelve Days of Christmas  - SATB A cappella Christmas
Christmas Medley  - SATB A cappella Christmas
Christmas Chopsticks  - SATB A cappella Christmas
I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas - SATB A cappella Christmas




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