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Mass of Exultation


Mass of Exultation

Music by Michael Upward


Assembly, Cantor, Chorus and Keyboard

A joyful mass setting for the New Roman Missal.

  Listen Listening Samples

   1. Lord, Have Mercy (recording not available yet)
   2. Glory to God (Ordinary Time)
   3. Glory to God - Christmas Refrain (not available yet)
   4. Gospel Acclamation
   5. Lenten Gospel Acclamation
   6. Holy, Holy
   7. Memorial Acclamation 1 - We Proclaim...
   8. Memorial Acclamation 2 - When We Eat...
   9. Memorial Acclamation 3 - Save Us...
  10. Amen
  11. Amen (sung with Memorial Acclamation 3)
  12. Lamb of God
View the PDF of the entire Mass. This is a sample score for perusal only.  Please do not copy. Thank you. 

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Individual Octavos from Mass of Exultation
 Glory to God
 Gloria for Christmas
View the PDF
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