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Maestro Music Press offers many different options for ordering choral music.

After selecting a piece from our catalogue, you will be able to choose one of these options:

Order Hard Copies - Pay Now

Order the number of hard copies you desire, click "Add to Cart" and pay using your credit card.

The music will be shipped to you immediately. Shipping costs will apply.


Order Hard Copies - Pay Later

If you are ordering music on behalf of your church, school or performing organization, provide us with your billing information, and we will ship out your order along with a bill to be paid in 30 days. Shipping costs will apply.


Downloadable scores - Pay Now

To save you time and money, you may download full scores and make your own copies.  Scores are normally only $0.99 each with no shipping costs. Pay with your credit card, order the the number of copies you need, download and print.  You will receive a license granting you permission to photocopy the number of copies purchased.


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