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Detention! The Musical

 by Michael Upward & Barbara Brennan


A New Christian Youth Musical

for treble or mixed voices. Ideal for Jr. High and elementary combination or High School.

Welcome to Mt. Calliope Christian Academy, where a jock, a nerd, a loner and a fashion diva (with her entourage of beauty assistants) are all sent to after school detention. There they meet the vivacious Mrs. Viola Goldsong who asks them to each each write a paper on the life of a different historical Christian character.
They are joined by a mysterious new student who, in the course of the afternoon, asks them special questions about their behavior. As they answer, they find out that things are not always what they seem.
By the end, the students have learned about true generosity and charity and come to understand tolerance when they experience the difficulties that others have to endure. Friendship and Faith are taught as they encourage another to use their God-given talents to "Praise Him, Crown Him and Serve Him."

A 30 minute elementary school version called Detention! The Musical Jr. will be available soon. Please check back or sign up on our mailing list to be notified when it is released.  Send your name and email to




Mrs. Viola Goldsong
Ms. Viola Goldsong
Performance in Newport Beach, CA 2007
       1A. Opening
     1B. Mt. Calliope Band
     1C. Another Schoolbell
     1D. Bumble Bee Madrigal
     1E. Another Schoolbell
  2. Roll Call
  3. Shopping Spree
  4. Open Your Hand
  5. Trading Places/Fight Song
  6. Walk in His Shoes
  7. Angel of God
  8. Will I Ever Know?*
  9. Prayer of Peace*
10. Canticle*
11. Canticle Reprise

*Choral octavo available.

Sample Script
Sample Piano/Conductor Score
You may request a full script and score to peruse by emailing sending your name, organization name, and email to


Scripts and scores may be rented or purchased, however the musical can only be performed by purchasing a dramatic license.  The cost depends on the number of shows performed and the estimated attendance. To receive a quote, please send your name, email address, organization name,  address, number of performances and estimated attendance to

Paul Frederick Powers III (Freddy)

The Mount Calliope Marching Band




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