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Prayer of Peace  

Tryin' to Get Home

From Amazing Grace - A Lenten Musical Presentation

 by Michael Upward & Barbara Brennan

Baritone Solo, SATB Chorus, Piano

Level: Moderate

Product #: MMP-5120-1


Featuring a baritone solo, this traditional spiritual speaks to the heavy burden Chirst took on himself for us. This piece has a quiet, blues-like rhythm which supports the pleading lyric of the solo.
Trying to Get Home is from Amazing Grace, a Lenten musicl program that tells of the Lordís journey to Calvary through the music of the American Spiritual. As a woman recounts the story of the Lordís passion to her grandchild, the verses of Amazing Grace are woven between new arrangements of spirituals accompanied by a solo violin, choir and piano. ďTonight Iím gonna tell you the story about how we were saved...Ē 

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