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Musicians and Performers for Your Special Event

Planning a wedding, private dinner party, concert, company party or any other special event?  We are here to help you.  For over 15 years Maestro Music Productions  has been actively involved in the music production and performing business, and has developed a vast list of professional musicians and performers for any special event.  Below is a partial list of the types of musicians and groups that are available for booking.  We can also put together special groups specifically for your event.  




Individual Performers







Street Performer

Mime or Clown

Balloon Maker


Studio Singers

Back-up Singers

Opera Singers

Choral Section Leaders

Church Soloists

Concert Soloists

Duos & Trios

Piano & Flute

Guitar & Flute

Harp & Flute

Violin & Piano

Flute, Violin & Piano

Violin, Cello & Piano



String Quartet

Flute & String Quartet

Woodwind Quintet

Brass Quartet

Christmas Carolers

Pit Orchestras or Bands


Jazz Combo

Top 40 Bands


Rock Bands

Big Bands

Dixieland Bands

School Shows

Music Education

Opera Education

Anti-Smoking Shows

Nutrition Education

Gilbert and Sullivan

Master Classes

Studio Musicians

Any type of Studio Musician available


We can put together any type of musical ensemble or will search for an existing group that will meet your particular needs.  To discuss your project with us, please fill out the form below, or email us at musicians@maestro.ws, with information about the type of event you are planning, and what kind of musicians or performers you would like to hire.


Your Name:


Name of your Organization:




Phone Number:


Type of performer/group you are interested in.  

(Leave blank if you would like us to suggest possibilities to you)


Briefly describe the type of event you are planning, and how you would like our assistance:


We will respond promptly to you via email.  After determining exactly what you need, we will offer you a competitive quote and contract information.  

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Thank you for choosing Maestro Music Productions.

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To be included on our list of musicians and performers, please email us at musicians@maestro.ws, including your resume and experience, or send your resume, CD and/or Video to:

Maestro Music Productions

P.O. Box 2355

Hollywood, CA 90078



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