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Prayer of Peace  

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Chil'

From Amazing Grace - A Lenten Musical Presentation

 by Michael Upward & Barbara Brennan

SATB Chorus, Piano & optional Violin

Level: Moderate

Product #: MMP-5110-1


Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Chilí is a wonderful expression of how bereft and alone Christ must have felt when he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane as his followers slept. The piece opens with a repetitive piano motif and stark voices reminiscent of quiet, thoughtful prayer.  As the piece grows, the voices and accompaniment reach higher and higher in long mournful phrases and finally return to the same stark and lonely tone.
Amazing Grace is a Lenten musicl program that tells of the Lordís journey to Calvary through the music of the American Spiritual. As a woman recounts the story of the Lordís passion to her grandchild, the verses of Amazing Grace are woven between new arrangements of spirituals accompanied by a solo violin, choir and piano. ďTonight Iím gonna tell you the story about how we were saved...Ē 

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