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Professional Live Recordings


Would you like a professionally recorded CD of your next concert or event?  Maestro Music Productions is equipped to record your choral or orchestral concert, your church event, a wedding, solo concert or any other live event.  Ideal for smaller productions on a tight budget, Maestro Music Productions can record, edit, master and package your CD for competitive prices.  Starting as low as $250 for a master recording and $5 per CD, you can have your special event recorded for your members, audiences or archival purposes.  


If you would like a quote for your upcoming event, simply fill in the form below, or send an email to us with all the information regarding your concert to recording@maestro.ws.  

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Briefly describe the nature of your event, and the amount of CD's you are likely to order:


We will  respond to your inquiry promptly and provide you with a quote.  Please feel free to request sample recordings of our previously recorded concerts. 


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