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The Maestro Group has been servicing the music and entertainment industry for 8 years .  A group of companies under one common umbrella, The Maestro Group's mission is to promote, publish and support creative artists, making their work available for performing groups, artists and musicians across the country. Our primary focus is putting new creative properties in the hands of the performing artist's and producers, promoting the material to the public and securing equitable creative properties for The Maestro Group and its investors.  


The Maestro Group Companies:


Maestro Music Productions

Producing label quality music for the past 15 years.  Assisting with the collaboration of award-winning producers and new artists.  Providing technical expertise and services to performing arts organizations. Providing music and related services to the general public

Maestro Music Press 

A fresh new voice in music publishing.  Our mission is to publish and promote new music and new composers and make their music available to performing arts organizations throughout the country.  Our catalogue is small and concise and is dedicated to representing only new, high-quality music. 

Maestro Theater Library

A new presence in the theatrical licensing industry.  With a vast chasm between large licensing companies like Samuel French, and  many new plays and musicals now being produced, Maestro Theater Library desires to fill the gap.  Bringing brand new, high-quality, theatrical material to local community theaters is our goal.



In addition to these companies, The Maestro Group is pleased to sponsor free resources with their website, www.maestrocompany.com, such as The Creative Artist's Network, connecting composers and writers with producers, Maestro Arts and Reviews, providing theater and concert reviews, and exhaustive links for performing arts on the World Wide Web.  Also, we are pleased to connect vocal and instrumental students with experienced teachers.  


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