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July 9, 2004

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The Scheme of Things


NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - The Scheme of Things is a tribute to the ‘old street performer’ and a gift to the individuals who love the farce found in theater. Originally performed in 1903, entitled Los Intereses Creados and written by Jacinto Benavente, winner of the 1922 Nobel Prize for Literature, The Scheme of Things has been translated and brilliantly directed by Dan Oliverio. 

The story revolves around two con artists who manage to dupe an entire village into pampering them with wealth and fame. It’s a story of their friendship and what happens when one of these men falls in love. This plot point may seem overused and repetitive, but let it be pointed out, if done correctly, all is forgiven.

This tight cast is lead by Nicolas Pavlos who plays the crafty and intelligent Crispin. Grasping the audience with charisma, Mr. Pavlos can play the puppeteer with his eyes closed. Tom Mesmer plays sidekick Leander who is told he is better when he speaks less, however Mesmer excels in the given direction, adding much comedy. Kathy Bell Denton impresses as Lady Siren, an elegant woman who hosts a party for the con artists, and Jennifer Norkin delights as her over worked servant, Colombina.



 Rants and raves can be positively written for the entire cast, as in the cases of Wendy Worthington’s gossiping socialite Risella; Debbie McMahon’s crazed buck toothed pencil writing Secretary; or Teresa Anne Volgenau’s enchanting love interest Silvia. Alas, only a few paragraphs are allowed in this review. 

Take some time away from the television set and come see what fun theater can be. What can be learned or felt from this production? Maybe a person should take action for what they want in this life, and pursue it will all their might. Or, on a romantic level, simply receive a validation that love is strongest when one decides to be honest with himself and those around him.

Produced by the Antrobus Group in association with The Voltaire Theater, The Scheme of ThingsS can be seen at the El Portal Center for the Arts, located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, California. Performances are Friday & Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm through August 29, 2004. Tickets are $28. For Reservations or more info, please call 888-972-4363. Official Website can be found at www.schemetheplay.com   - - Adrian Rennie

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By Nicholas Wright
Directed by Elina de Santos

August 13 - September 19, 2004


Pasadena Playhouse



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