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February 9,  2004

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - Storybook Theatre's presentation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a full telling of the fairy tale with all the familiar plot twists, plus it's interspersed with musical numbers and audience participation. Goldilocks, played by Kelly Stables, is the curious heroine who stumbles across the home of the three bears and Mama Bear's porridge recipe card. When Teddy Bear later discovers that someone has tasted his porridge and has taken the recipe card, the mystery begins. Paul Denniston (Teddy) is an audience favorite for his endless energy and cuddly good nature. The score was lively and easily kept the interest of those with a short attention span. Children were also encouraged to get up on stage and pretend to be various forest animals. The production, with a running time of approximately one hour including intermission, is a fun way to introduce little ones to live theatre on a Saturday afternoon. - Ruston Harker  

Now playing at Theatre West.



The Wind Cries Mary starts off as light faire with characters quibbling over their preference in chocolates and coffee’s potency. Then things go wrong. Eiko is bright, beautiful and newly married in the late 1960s. She sees herself as a liberated modern woman, but gradually discovers she’s trapped inside the cage of a traditional American housewife. Eiko’s mysterious past is never revealed but you see it’s powerful effects in the choices she makes to break the bonds of this cage. Jodi Long, a talented actress and comedian takes on this challenging role with passion and a tremendous amount of energy. Thomas Vincent Kelly (Raymond) masterfully plays Eiko’s oblivious husband who’s interest in the latest rock band and his own professional agenda obscures the view of his wife’s pain.



The lighting design by Rand Ryan and Set Designer Rachel Hauck’s apartment setting were both subtle and stunning. The finer details of the set, hanging wicker chair, vinyl records and the shag carpeting expertly rounded out the feel of the time period accomplished by Andrea Finn. - Ruston Harker


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