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June 20, 2004

Theater Review


Four Dogs 

and a Bone


HOLLWOOD, CA - Brenda is a fresh face on the Hollywood scene and is working on her first movie, thanks to her new age chanting and her 'connections' within Hollywood's inner circle. Colette, the lead actress in this movie is at the crossroads of her career, the success of this movie dictates whether her future roles are romantic lead or romantic lead's best friend. Bradley is a weathered producer, using every trick, scheme and deception to keep this movie on budget. Victor wrote the movie, it's his first and he's looking forward to a bright future of being the next Hollywood go-to writer. But then things don't always go as planned.


Written by the Academy Award winning writer, John Patrick Shanley (Moonstruck), Four Dogs and A Bone is laced with Shanley's trademark wit and pokes a raw finger at the movie industry. His finely tuned characters typify those working inside of a vicious Hollywood machine which will either crush its young or leave them as the last one standing.

Natasha Gaty plays the wide-eyed Brenda with an ideal amount of naive optimism, it is great fun to watch her talons spring forth when she is provoked. A great deal of satisfaction also comes from Ilyse Mimoun's bitter Colette, like watching the evil popular girl from high school trying to gracefully extricate herself from the bottom of a mud puddle. The smooth-talk stylings of the ruthless Bradley, portrayed by Rob Shapiro, would receive honors from the Robert Evans school of producing. David Heckel's Victor had the greatest arc of the evening going from tinsel town newbie to Hollywood's Top 100 Most Powerful list in not time flat. Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler, Four Dogs And A Bone is a must see for anyone who has ever wanted to work in Hollywood's guts and glamour industry. Now playing Tuesdays and Wednesdays through June 30 at the Elephant Asylum. - Ruston Harker   Printable View


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The Things Some People Do For Love


LOS ANGELES, CA - For an evening of sheer laughter and an occasional poignant moment, be sure not to miss Odyssey Theatre Ensemble's hysterically funny Things We Do For Love.  Written by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, the cast did a fabulous job bringing a touch of English life to this delightful comedy about love and the pain that often accompanies it.


The play is directed by Barry Philips who very cleverly split the action between three flats on three different levels.  Much of the humor derives from the imagination of what is taking 



place out of sight. Whether seeing the feet of the bed shaking from a wild romp or the shock on the actors' faces when viewing a 20 foot fresco of a naked woman, the audience is completely drawn into the moment.


Playing the humorous, yet emotionally complex character of Barbara (Barbs) is Stephanie Nash.  Her performance is outstanding and worthy of very high praise.  Equally engaging is her childhood friend Nikki, played by Caitlyn Shannon, who seems to break out into the old "school song" whenever she is in Barb's presence.  Greg Mullavey brings to life the charming handyman: Barb's secret admirer  named Gilbert.  While certainly the kindest and most helpful person in the cast,  he has an slight weakness for the bottle and wearing women's clothing.  The handsome James Tupper, portraying Nikki's fiancé Hamish, seems to be able to win the heart of any woman he comes into to contact with.  This play is a true modern English farce and is worth seeing.  - A. Thomas   Printable View   


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