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November  2004


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T H E A T E R   R E V I E W  -  Dry Cleaning  -  Theatre Movement Bazaar


LOS ANGELES, CA - Dry Cleaning is unlike any other stage show in recent memory. The artists seamlessly weave many layers of storytelling using extremely innovative techniques. In French, Trompe L'oeil commonly refers to paintings which fool or trick the eye into believing you are seeing something real and are most often seen as murals. Dry Cleaning brings Trompe L'oeil into the twenty first century. Live action and video are merged together so effectively, at times you don't know if you are watching live theatre or a recording.

The show is based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and his fated love Eurydice. After her untimely death, Orpheus is so persistent in his quest to be reunited with Eurydice that he is able to find her in the underworld and bring her back to the mortal world on the condition that he not look at her until they've completed their journey. Dry Cleaning sets this story in the world international espionage. Created by Jeff Webster, Tina Kronis and Richard Alger, this Hitchcockian thriller moves along at high speeds and leaves you little room to breath. Performances by Kronis and Alger are amazingly diverse and timed to a racing heart beat. They're able to switch costumes, accents and in some cases genders in as much time as it takes to move a set panel four feet to the left. They also clone themselves doubling the cast size. Reminiscent of Twin Peaks, the audience is left with a fair amount of wiggle room in terms of interpreting what they're seeing.

Dry Cleaning is presented by Theatre Movement Bazaar, a company which creates original performances for a contemporary audience by reinventing the entire experience. Through out the evening, nothing resembles the typical night at a play, from the moment you're handed your 'ticket' to the final curtain call. Now playing at the 24th Street Theatre through January 22, 2005. - Ruston. Harker

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