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January 25,  2004

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"Stop. Think. Consider. Do."




NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - Watching Theatre West's presentation of Drunk and in Charge of a Bicycle was like tuning into an old favorite television show, or spending an evening with good friends. The two act play revolves around a group of friends whose lives are spent sharing a drink at the local pub, Heeber Finns. Ray Bradbury, writer and co-producer of this world premiere, used scenes from his novel, Green Shadows and White Whales to create this play, as well as its sequel, Falling Upward! which premiered at Theater West last year.

The first act involves a visit from George Bernard Shaw who's car breaks down in front of the local pub in a small Irish town, a town Shaw wanted to visit because it published a story in the paper with the headline "Drunk and in Charge of a Bicycle." As Shaw gets to know the crew in the bar as well as the town clergy, he shares with them mysterious ceramic tiles, each of which holds a simple message. King Stuart, an actor of obvious talent and background, is utterly believable in his quirky portrayal of George Bernard Shaw. 

After a short intermission the show continues with the same group of men that we're now familiar with, but on a completely different adventure titled "The Great Conflagration." 


In touch with their deep Irish pride, the crew decides to burn down the local aristocracy's castle. Astonished that Lord Kilgotten welcomes them with open arms, the men spend some time talking with the gentleman about their plans and ultimately learn a more valuable lesson. 

Again, an impressive job of casting the roles of this first-rate ensemble and Lord Kilgotten, played by Jay Gerber. The production values of this 99-seat theatrical presentation were exceptional, from the soundscape by Sean Phillips to the extraordinarily realistic sets by Joseph M. Altadonna and Daniel Keough. But the true gem is the material. Long time veteran of stage, screen and novel, author Ray Bradbury knows how to capture an audience with his captivating narratives, and he plans to visit many of the performances at Theater West. - Ruston Harker 

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Opens Saturday January 24, 2004, runs through Saturday February 28. Thursdays through Saturdays at 8p.m., Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. $20. Student, senior and group discounts available upon request.  Reservations and information: (323) 851-7977. Website: www.theatrewest.org


"Parallel Lives"

HOLLYWOOD, CA - The evening begins with two heavenly beings organizing creation, deciding the future of mankind with the flip of a coin. Each subsequent scene is a snap-shot of the lives of two, sometimes three different characters and how they relate to each other and the world around them.  “Parallel Lives” two cast members Maggie Grant and Lisa Joffrey portray an extensive range of characters from prostitutes and Lesbian goddess worshipers to poor Russian dirt farmers.  Most often comic with morose moments, these fine actresses move between scenes and characters (some with major costume changes) with the grace and ease of dancers.  


An amazingly synchronized ‘morning routine’ was riveting considering it’s a practice we all perform on a daily basis.  Written by Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy “Parallel Lives” paints a dizzying glimpse of the colorful world in which we live, and Grant and Joffrey are remarkable artists. - R. Harker

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January 9th through February 7th

Reservation Line: (323) 960-7726 or visit



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