The Maestro Group is pleased to announce its newest area of service.  Although most of our services are in the area of music and the arts, we are now offering the following technical services to small businesses for low rates.  We can provide these services for any small business; however, we specialize in serving those organizations involved in music and the arts.  Whether you need professionally printed postcards announcing your concert, or a website for your small business or performing group, we can help you achieve these goals at amazingly low costs.  


Web Design and Maintenance:  Does your small business or performing group have a place on the World Wide Web?  If not, you already know that this is a necessity in this day and age.  Perhaps you do not have someone on your staff with experience designing a website, or with the knowledge of  how to create a domain name and get your site set up on a server, and placed in the main search engines.  Some companies would have you think this is a complicated procedure costing thousands of dollars, but we believe this can be achieved for minimal costs.  Although it is possible to do this yourself, you may not wish to spend your valuable time getting a website started.  For this reason, it is our desire to help you get started at a minimal cost.


Since our mission is to promote the arts in the community, we are providing this service to organizations involved in the arts at an inexpensive rate.  After registering your new domain, creating the graphics, writing the web pages, and  getting your site on the main search engines, you can choose to have us maintain your site on a monthly basis for a modest fee.  


Please visit a few of our simple websites that we created and maintain.


The Maestro Group (this site)

Opera A La Carte

The Design Consortium

The Desert Carolers

Ramona Dynasty Band

Riverside Performing Arts High School

Dirtworx Entertainment (coming soon)


Sites like these can be started for as little as $350.  


This price includes one year on a server, two years of domain registration, unlimited email accounts at yourname.com, 15-25 web pages designed, graphic design of your logo and other web graphics and placement on the main search engines.


A site of this size can be maintained for as little as $50/month (adding pages, changing text etc.)


Note that more extensive data base work and more complicated features such as animation will cause the price to be higher, but we are more than able to handle such a request.


Graphic and Printing Services:  We can provide you with quality graphic editing and printing for minimal costs.  Color post card advertising, color programs for your performing event, or any other graphics found on the above websites can be created for minimal costs.


If you would like more information regarding these services and a free quote, please fill out the following form, or send us an email at webdesign@maestro.ws.   After submitting, we will contact via phone to discuss the details of your project.



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Briefly describe the web or graphic services you are interested in discussing with us.  If you want a quote, please provide a description of the project, the number of web pages desired, and the type of business you have.  We may need to contact via phone before providing you with an accurate quote.



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Thank you for choosing Maestro Music Productions.

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