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February  2004


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T H E A T E R   R E V I E W  -  Gaytino!  -  Highways 


SANTA MONICA, CA - Before the show started, performer Daniel Guerrero walked on stage and let the audience know that what they'd be seeing was a workshop version of his show and should be considered a work-in-progress. What followed was a fine evening of top-notch entertainment. 

Guerrero's one man show Gaytino! is a clear look at the life of an American born gay Latino growing up in East LA. In his early twenties, he transplants himself to the East coast. While living in New York Guerrero moves beyond his initial aspirations to perform and excels as a theatrical agent who's clients range from a young Fran Dresser to an even younger Sarah Jessica Parker. He ultimately moves back to Los Angeles and continues to be successful behind the scenes as a casting director and producer. The audience is taken on a journey from Mariachi to Merman, Sondheim to Chavez.

Much of this is backdrop for one of Guerrero's most important relationships, that of his best friend Charles. Starting out together in grade school the two experienced an amazing range of adventure from New York's electric Studio 54 to the horror of AIDS. 

Guerrero's manner on stage is captivating. His easy going delivery lends itself to the intimate setting of Highways Performance Space and makes his overall presentation very warm and personal. Guerrero tells his story to each and every member of the audience. Musical staging and choreography by Kay Cole is as pleasing to watch as Guerrero's smooth, simple wardrobe courtesy of Bob Mackie. A consummate professional like Dan Guerrero propels this 'workshop' performance of Gaytino! into an exceptional look at an exceptional life. - Ruston Harker



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