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T H E A T E R   R E V I E W  -  Pacific Daylight  -  Theatre of Note


HOLLYWOOD, CA - Pacific Daylight is a thoughtful piece of theater. Playwright Cody Henderson unveils his World Premiere 'white comedy' at the Theater of Note with a talented group of actors and a script hoping to entertain.

Pacific Daylight tells the story of a group of individuals searching for their place in the City of Angels. Kerri (played by Alina Phelan) is a neurotic alcoholic in a 'comfortable' relationship with ambitionless Steve (Jon Beauragard). Kerri's best friend Cynthia (Lauren Letherer) enables Kerri's unhealthy behavior and faces an obstacle when she finds the chance of love appears in a guy named Ernie (Darrett Sanders).  

High points in this production go to the strong acting. Alina Phelan is quite believable and sympathetic as a woman who has not yet learned to be an ‘adult’. Lauren Letherer is ideal as her strong counterpart. The audience roots for the character of Cynthia to find the happiness that everyone hopes for, while coming to terms with a major life changing decision.

Their co-dependency storyline may ring true for many people. It's not easy to let go of a loved one who ultimately should be old enough to accept responsibility for their lives without complaint. Darrett Sanders and John Beauragard do hold their own and even manage to obtain the few laughs of the evening. Given the dramatic substance, their humor is much welcomed.

As the character examinations are not wildly show stopping or pumped with adrenalin, one may look to the cute, inventive set for excitement. It compliments the animated direction of Albert Dayan, who literally blocks the ensemble all over the theater space bringing life into the script. While the implanted train set may not be 'Starlight Express', it is a definitely treat to the eyes.

The journey of Pacific Daylight is one to ride through. The script may not be strong enough to be labeled a ‘comedy’. However this production has quality and creates four realistic characters worthy of your attention to reflect upon. - Adrian Rennie       Printable View

Produced by Lion's Share Productions, Pacific Daylight performs at the Theatre of NOTE, located at 1517 N. Cahuenga Blvd (just north of Sunset Blvd) in Hollywood, CA. Running through August 6, 2005, performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 7pm. General admission is $18.00.

For more reservations and info, please call 323-856-8611.

Parking info - Theatre of NOTE will validate tickets for $3.00 if you park at the Archlight Cinemas. To access the Arclight Parking Lot, enter on Ivar (south of Sunset Blvd)

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Adrian Rennie, staff writer and editor for Maestro Arts & Reviews, is an actor and Los Angeles area playwright. Having received great reviews for his plays, The Seven Lessons of Life and Only a Phone Call Away, he continues to write and act in Los Angeles Theater, Television and Film. 

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