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May 5, 2002

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To Grandmother's House


GLENDALE, CA -   Glendale Centre Theatre’s production of this little known play, Over the River and Through the Woods was a irresistibly heart-warming and enjoyable.  Centered around a young man trying to be the best grandson he can for four eccentric grandparents, the plays touches our hearts as we relate to our family and cross-generational relationships.  The two sets of grandparents were hysterically funny as they tried to deal with the craziness of our changing world, while at the same living in the past, trying to find a suitable wife for their devoted grandson, a business executive.  The characters were so clear and developed that I found myself forgetting that they were merely actors.  For those of us who have lost our  grandparents, it is easy to relate to the author as he captured the true struggle of a grandson balancing his career and ambitions with the strong desire to be there for his family while there was still time.  I strongly recommend this play.  - M. Upward




 A Little Touch Of Venice

ESCONDIDO, CA - Wrapping up a successful tour throughout the U.S., Opera A La Carte delivers another great performance of a Gilbert and Sullivan classic.  One of the most renowned companies currently performing Gilbert and Sullivan literature, they brought one of the lesser known operettas to the stage with polish and grandeur. Gondoliers has a truly poignant and depth-filled score, with lush choral writing and soaring string parts reminiscent of the Italian opera tradition. Craig Gilmore and Eli Villanueva, playing the two love struck gondoliers with Royal expectations, each had a unique interpretation of their character, yet sang their duets in perfect harmony.  Their love interests, played by Carol Winston and Ann Noriel both have beautiful, lyric voices that made the score come to life. 


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Even while dancing  across the stage, the ensemble sang the stunning choral parts beautifully, showing off the mastery of Sullivan's compositional skills.  Maybe not one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most well-known shows, but certainly a masterpiece of the operetta; and thanks to Opera A La Carte, the audience had a chance to experience it in all its splendor. - A. Thomas

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