Rain Pryor receives numerous nominations and awards in 2004-05 for her one woman show: Fried Chicken & Latkes. 


LOS ANGELES, CA - Rain Pryor takes home the 2005 NAACP Theatre Award for Best Female Performer, Equity, for Fried Chicken & Latkes (Maestro Review), which was nominated for 4 NAACP awards: Best Performer, Best Playwright, Best Sound Design-Jamie Nelson, Best Director-Bob Garrett. 


Rain is also the 2005 Recipient of The Invisible Theatre's GOLDIE KLEIN GUEST ARTIST AWARD, and received a 2004  OVATION AWARD Nomination from LA Stage Alliance for BEST SOLO PERFORMANCE, FRIED CHICKEN AND LATKES!

During the fall of 2004, Maestro Arts & Reviews' correspondent Adrian Rennie interviewed Rain Pryor about her Ovation nomination and other happenings in her life: 


Adrian: Congrats on your Ovation Nomination.
Rain: Thank you.
Adrian: I saw two incarnations of Fried Chicken and Latkes, 1) at the Canon in Beverly Hills, and 2) at the Lillian. In both versions, I can testify that the audiences just raved about your story and the performance. 
Rain: Wow, thank you Adrian. I am amazed at just being noticed.

Adrian: How do you feel the show has grown?
Rain: I think it has matured and is still finding it's voice. I think I have now allowed myself to go there a little bit more: to open myself up even further than what was at the Canon. It will always be a work in progress as my life progresses. I found my siblings now. That's a new part to the story.
Adrian: Excellent. 

Rain: I went even further with my parents, adding my dad to the mix. I did ask his permission to [have his character in the show],  and he said yes.

Adrian: So what's next for Fried Chicken?
Rain: I am touring the show right now and will hopefully be making the movie of it.  A Big dream of course: Broadway!
Adrian: How is the movie coming along?
Rain: Well it's been coming along great. [We are] just finalizing the business part of it. I hate business. I just want to create.
Adrian: You and me both. *Smile*.  Is there anyone you want to mention that inspires you?
Rain: Yes. Children... Billy Holiday, Lilly Tomlin, Yvette Freeman (Dinah Was).
Adrian: Dinah Was?   Excellent!
Rain: Oh my GOD it was so good! I saw it way back when when it was small and raw, and then again in Long Beach: bigger and badder. It "wow"ed me! This was Yvettes dream. It 
inspires me that she kept on doing it and growing with it. It's her vehicle to say, "Look world here I am!"
Adrian: So what projects do you have lined up ?
Rain: My show, my show as a movie and I am finishing my first screenplay called, "Behind the Laughter."
Adrian: Actress, Singer, Writer.  I love that you do all that you can. It provides inspiration to others. I hope you know that.
Rain: Thank you for saying that. It's funny because I'm just doing it: not thinking about how it looks, just doing it to empower myself and not to feel stuck, to expand my truths explore my creativity and maybe give some friends some work.
Adrian: Which is why you deserve that nomination, and continued success. What words of wisdom can you give our readers?
Rain: To dream, dream big and put your dreams into action. Oh, and
be honest with yourself...like if you wanna be a singer and you're tone deaf....Don't sing
Adrian: Haha. 
Rain: It's so true we have to be honest with ourselves because other wise we can end up in a lot of pain.
Adrian: Do you have any one story in this industry that just pushed you to strive for the best when you were unsure of where to go?
Rain: Yes, it's many stories piled into one: just being told that the reason I didn't get the part was because I wasn't pretty enough or black enough....I wanted to prove that I was 
enough just the way I am.
Adrian: But it all works out in the end. That's how I see it: that all
these trials and tribulations shape us to who are supposed to be, and those experiences are reflected in Fried Chicken and Latkes
Rain: Yes for sure...Adrian I have more faith in myself today then I would have had [if my life] my life had been easy as pie...I wouldn't change a thing except that my father be surrounded with the love of his children. All of them.
Adrian: May I ask how you have shared this nomination with your dad [Richard Pryor]? Have you seen him recently.
Rain: Well that is a tricky question Adrian. I'm not sure how to answer that. I guess the only way to answer it is truthfully. [His wife] is keeping us from seeing our dad against his wishes and we have hired an attorney to help us. Right now visits are arranged maybe one time per month. 
Adrian: How is [your father]?

Rain: I wish he were better. He has what I call Chronic Progressive MS
Adrian: I do hope you get to see him soon. And I know he'll be proud. You have written a wonderful piece of theater.
Rain: Thank you. It's also my way to pay tribute to my father and also to his children. [I put a tribute to him] on my website. 

Adrian: Is there anything else you would like to say? About you? About life or love?
Rain: That I love my hubby and that we want to have children by next year.
Adrian: I will have my fingers crossed for ya.
Rain: Thank ya.
Adrian: I want you to know that you are inspiration. I truly feel that you are a wonderful role model to those starting out and to those who are already in this business.
Rain: Thank you Adrian, how nice of you. (blushing)
Adrian: Thanks for taking the time for this interview. Printable View


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