HOLLYWOOD, CA - Making its world premiere at the Lillian Theatre is Dennis Miles’ play von Lutz. Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera, von Lutz promises a tale of secrets, sex and murder.

The wealthy von Lutz family has its share of secrets. Husband Teodor and wife Vitgen are both having affairs; daughter Anelle is seeking solace in an unsuitable engagement, while her twin brother Dix wants to get married too – in a long white dress. With the arrival of Diern, who claims to be a nephew, the lives of the von Lutz family are threatened to be turned upside down. 

Director Jon Lawrence comments on this production. “In particular, I am thrilled to sink my teeth into the world of von Lutz because it is a tricky play. It requires great balance of sexuality and sophistication, passion and desire, acceptance and rejection.”

Tricky is an understatement. Playwright Dennis Miles seems to throw taboo topics and questionable actions to his audience in an effort to test their emotions. It is in the final moments of the play that will leave some people appalled of an upper class world that still exists today. However, there is no doubt the audience will be entertained, or at the very least teased, by some of the behaviors on the stage.

Von Lutz delivers in acting. Steve Callahan literally seduces the von Lutz family and the audience as hunky Diern. Devin Sidell is appealing and likeable as Anelle. Barret Kime brings depth into the sympathetic role of Dix. Nick Salamone and Diane Cary head the von Lutz family with intelligence and class. Rounding out the cast are Anthony Backman, James Michael Bobby, Kerri Higuchi, Brenda McDonald, and Stewart Skelton.

On the technical side, set design by Dan Mailley is charming, complete with desirable chess set pieces for chess lovers. Lighting design by Robert Oriol is effective and well done.

With complex characters complimented by talented actors, von Lutz is a recommended must see.  

- Adrian Rennie

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