Award winning playwright Sheila Callaghan serves up a theater treat at the 

Theatre of NOTE with Crawl, Fade to White.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - In Crawl, Fade to White, a strained relationship between a mother and daughter is explored. When Louise sells an expensive family heirloom to make ends meet, her daughter April embarks on a mission to retrieve the lamp. Along the way she gets acquainted with her bizarre quirky neighbors, who are keeping a secret of their own. Interestingly enough, throughout the play a photo with the image of April’s father fades to white in the background.

Director Michael Michetti comments, “Like Sheila’s previous plays, Crawl, Fade to White has a sort of magical theatricality, an offbeat sensibility and delicious language. But this piece also has a kind of simple humanity, a quiet pervading ache, which makes this one quite unique among Sheila’s works.”

This quick paced drama is supported by actors who dig into the subtext of the story. Rebecca Gray excels in the role of Louise, creating a likeable character at the crossroads in life. Heather Witt gives a spunky portrayal as her daughter April. Phinneas Kiyomura is fun as April’s oversexed, and just as lost, boyfriend Nolan. The comedic highlight is given by the out of touch with reality neighbors Fran and Dan, played by Esther Ives Williams and Patrick McGowan, who are simply endearing. Darrett Sanders completes the cast with a strong performance as Louise’s love Niko, who is seen in flashback memory.

What’s delivered turns out to be a touching story with an intriguing mix of people drowning in their secrets. Crawl, Fade to White is enjoyable to watch. Make a visit to the Theater of NOTE and check this play out. - Adrian Rennie  

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